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Software Solutions- Non Web Based  software application Create as per the Client Request in apt platform with related DB Support. With  testing the quality and success. The whole work will Completely base on the instructions  from the client. We work both for Domestic and over seas customers   Find More


 Web Application Service- Web Related software application developing  and testing them in different avenues. Prove the effectiveness as well as deliver with assured success with apt  and guaranteed success. Find More



Web Promotion  Service- Promote Your website/ Blog/Mobile APP through organic traffic ( SEO)  or pay per performance procedure/ as directed by the you. The whole matter will be studied and will plan the proper promotion and will be submitted for your approval before commit the actual procedure. Find More



APP/ Other Service- We Create/Run  Commercial/ personal -Mobile APPS/ Web E commerce Enterprises / Social Net Works For your need. We maintain, host and promote them as per the need. We manage to maintain and run the traffic to the APPS and networks /sites    Find More



Venture Capital Service- High end and useful IT projects with less capital but with finer management skills and successful multi managerial setup and arrangements  can also approach us for managing venture capital for proven projects.  Find More



Web Project Service- If you are interested to Create Commercial Mobile Apps/ to run web related projects in multi extensions , or as Authority websites / Big social media conglomerates and you have enough funds to run these projects, we shall assist you with apt excellent proven Web projects with full/ complete business  planning - Find More


  Dreams International Inc          Dreams International Inc   Dreams International Inc Dreams International Inc

Welcome.. To Our Dreams 

  From- 26thMay-2003 to Till Today- in public Service

  Web  Project Related Service

Dreams International Inc,  Invites You- This  is a service oriented company. The list of services you can find below this page.

What we Meant for?-  Suppose and if you are well interested  to run a successful profitable web related business, we provide you with complete ideas about running excellent web based business sites like that is successful Authority websites, or social media conglomerates like face book  or some thing like that. we shall assist you with apt excellent proven Web projects with full/ complete business  planning. For this purpose you need FUNDS to expend as this project will cost you initially.

What we provide? - We provide you complete diagram of planning and what all require from you part to run that. We provide you business ideas related to Authority sites, social media sites, niche sites, download sites, multi affiliate review sites, authority search engines and much more. We provide business ideas in  E Commerce sector with planning as well.

What Will Be Your Benefits ?- You get complete project details before you start work. How ever you should have to prove us the fund availability and , and we shall provide you project planning in a nutshell. If you start work then as per the stage we shall provide you more light to the meticulous planning of the project and business.

What Is Our Compensation? - Completely depends on the meeting and decisions we take mutually. Negotiable in terms of money and share or both. 

 Conditions- The conditions and allotments of funds for us will be decided mutually by us and the client/You- as per the order and other aspects. / As we decide after we meet you after order is submitted 

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