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S J Nair and Services from Him is the main content of this page.

Author Of This Web Content

Syam nair and his services excellent in world
Syam Nair Noted For Software Excellence.

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Author/Web Master-Contact: sjnair@gmail.com 

About: SJ Nair -/syam nair Man who likes to be liked and loves to be loved. 







This page Contains


S J Nair Life history


S J Nair and his works


S J Nair his philosophy


S J Nair and his contact details 

 Syam Nair is a well known Bangalore Software Engineer and Developer  who did research in very many field of buzzing software Industry. Besides he is a modal and  good writer as well as fine humanitarian. Here we deal with his software and search engine excellence rather than his personal life. S J Nair has his home page to show of his personal life and the more about his life in door. 

Born in 1969 in an aristocratic Nair family in Northern Kerala, highly conservative customs and rigid structure, educated in country public school but luckly he was thrown to lime lights by  grace of God. He traveled and worked around the world saw many types of human civilizations. He was a gem of person who likes to take some from every thing he sees. He wrote online news letters and online short stories. He published them through BBS.

Syam nair or sj nair is a search engine expert and multi platform programmer who is considered as excellent by many. Undoubtedly he is considered as best in feed technology. He is striding the steps to up to meet new challenges and hopefully he may emerge as winner. 

If any one need to talk on his services and his excellence  they can log to his service pages given below or can contact him through the contact address given in  SJ Nair Home page.

Nair services are best to take with. S J Nair offers various services under one roof. We can deal some of them here. Offers best service at most reasonable prices. 


List of services are as follows.


Web designing and  web Development  This service is also with hosting and setting up of domain as well as designing of site pages with optimizing properties using HTML, DHTML, Java Scripts, VB Scripts, Flash, XML And Feeds. 
Web promotion -Offers a wide range of services related to this. Setting up useful promotional and marketing ideas as well as Optimizing the sites are part of this service.


Search Engine Optimizing Optimizes pages in Search Engine to get high ranking while a search is made in that search engine. This enables the site to be viewed by millions of people and great amount of traffic will be resulted and eventually end up is more sales and income. 


Development of software Development of various applications in PHP ASP .Net and other web related technologies, as well as developing software tools for user applications and as per client specification with standards and norms given by the client.


PHP and Other works On web Development  This is demanded work from client to be done for him/her and work will be done as per the specification.


For more information contact SJ Nair through the contact address in his home page. Log to  SJ Nair Home Page

SJ Nair The  Life Flow.


 D- 'f birth


 Edu qualif  


Work Exp    





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Syam Janardhanan Nair

March 10- 1969- 34 Years


Worked Around the world as a software  And Dot com/Internet Consultant- General IT Consultant.

Web Design work , web developing, Web related Application development, Animation and special visualizations, Web data base programming, Web promotion- Meta content developing- SE optimizing, SE content developing, Viral leads, Web traffic And Survey analyzing.  

PHP, MY SQL Programming, JS And VBS ,MS Excel , MY SQL And JDK Data Administration, SE related works with Perl and AV Software as well as Protocol Related Research works. 

Flash, Java Interactive creation, Web related Robotic research.  

Single cum  multiple IT Project Administration. Project resource management, Development of tags and codes management, co ordination management. 

Worked for all major Big Guys including Google, E Bay and IBM 


 S J Nair is a thinker and philosopher who hate the uncivil approaches where as he like to continue with common spectrum of human out look. He believes the humanity is at his purest is a pursuit of perfection. Anything that augers  to lynch the human freedom is a naked onslaught on the ramparts of our individual freedom and believes that must be stalled by any cost. 

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Address (USA) 33 8- South Market Street, Troy,  Ohio - 45373, United States 
Address (India)  Dreams Int , Vinayaka Circle ,  PG Halli,  Bangalaore- 560003 : India 


   More sections and information  will be added to this page and web site.



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 Contact: If you have any suggestions please email to the web master. Email to sjnair@gmail.com


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 Wish all - great and pleasant days to come and blessing from almighty. 






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