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All About Nair Service Society And Its Important Features. A study 

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Manath Padmanaban Founder Of NSS

The Nair Service Society (NSS), is an organization created for the up liftment and welfare of the Nair community. It is headquartered at Perunna in the town of Changanassery in Kottayam District, Kerala State, India. This is founded  by Veteran Nair leader Mannath Padmanaban  


 There are many other organization like this which coveted the ideology of Nair reformation and consolidation of nair caste, But no one has the charisma and fame of  NSS. 

Nair service society was started in 1914. Mannath Padnaban established, expanded and enriched the Society as its Secretary for 31 years and as President for three years.

During all these years the Nair Service Society had his constant attention and selfless service. It had now grown into a powerful organization with a vast membership, substantial finances and various welfare activities

Now days NSS is deteriorating and much weekend due selfishness of leader. Corruption can be seen every where. This is a picture of a top class social service Organization as it is reaching its centenary.

My earliest memories says me the lucrative history of Nair Service Society and, now days we see the deplorable condition of NSS that became politically segregated and motivated as well as parted. To keep interest of a small section of so called Bullies or Thugs of Nair cast, they uses whole communities name and pride. This is the condition of NSS which was once  the "THAJ" of kerala social order and society.  If this will continue the NSS is soon become the tears of whole Nair Cast.  

 To save this social organization  we all should work for the integrity of whole social set of Nair cast. To get back the pride we lost I personally call all of you to unite and work.

             My personal call for all

"Come my friends It is not to late to seek a newer world"


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