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Filimi Name: Navya Nair
Her Real Name: Dhanya Nair
She was Born in: 1984
Her Father: Rajan Nair 
Her Mother: Veena Nair
Her Brother: Rahul Nair
Her Residence: "Prasanthi", Cheppadu, Alappuzha
Her First ever (Debutant) Film: "Ishtam" (2002)

Navya Nair's actual name is Dhanya Nair. She was given this name "Navya" by her mother so as to be a lucky fortune to the malayalam film industry. Ler lucky number is 5, says she. A 12th student at M.S.M High secondary school, Kayamkulam. Resident of the Allepey district, place called Cheppadu. Father, Rajan is working with the Telecom Subdivision and Mother, Veena, a teacher with the M.S.M High Secondary school. Brother,Rahul is in 5th Std.

Navya Nair is a sensation which has hit Kerala. Everybody seems to be admiring her. They say that she is going to be the new Manju Warrier, the ex-super heroine, and now wife of her hero. She looks confident and has amazing screen presence.

Navya, who is hardly 19, is on the fast track to success. She has quite a few offers but is still undecided about her career moves. We hope her uncle K.Madhu, the great investigative director would help her to stay on in movies. The local media is already projecting her as the next number one heroine. For that we have to wait for no more time. She has managed to stand tall with her skill and charm. The beautiful actress who caught everyone's attention opposite Dileep in Ishtam, has done it again with him in films like Mazhathullikilukam, Kunjikoonan and Kalyanaraman. These films which have opened to a tremendous response has been classified as megahits or superhits. Even while underscoring the fact that Dileep is the reigning star of the beleagured industry, the film has shown Navya Nair has what it takes to be the next Manju Warrier of the industry.

Now with eight rollicking hits, Navya Nair is well and truly on the way to doing that. But quite typically she brushes aside the compliment and the comparisons. 'Actually there are no comparison. Manju chechi ( Manju Varrier )was far too superior,' Navya points out quickly. Anyway, producers and distributors feel that in Navya they have finally found an able actress, who is good on the eye as well as ability. Navya says ' I am doubtless happy that success has come my way quite early. But I am only too aware of the responsibilities that such accolades bring'. The caution in her is her understandable. For, she has seen too many heroines fizzle out after being hurriedly anointed the next number one in the wake of a few hits. 'There are too many imponderables involved in this,' she says of the industry. 'It is not about mere looks and ability. There is an unexplained chemistry at work here. It has to find favor with the audiences,' Navya says lucidly. Some critics say that both her success have come with Dileep, who is the hottest property now. But Dileep himself says that Navya is pretty good. 'She has a natural feel and an innate understanding of characters she does,' he has been quoted as saying. Navya is in no hurry to sign films using her new-found starlet status. 'I don't mind going slow if it helps to establish my credentials as an actress'.

Well, Navya has got the chemistry, she talked about, right with her colleagues at work as well the fans. She is also showing that she knows the physics of success very well. Now, will she make history? She was the 'Kala-thilakam' in the youth festival of Aleppey district. She has achieved so many prizes in the State youth festival also. Navya, who passed her 10th std with distinction, is not at all behind in her studies also.

Navya Nair Screen Savor. 

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Navya Nair Photos -Beauty of Nair Cate The Navya Nair Smiling her way to our inner beings. 

Family Photo Of Navya Nair 

Navya Nair Family Photo


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Navya nair face of nair casteNavya Nair at her best Navya Nair how amazing and smart! Navya Nair The Marvellous Kid

Navya nair her dazzling eyesUnforgattable Navya NairNavya and fer beautyNavya Nair one of the most beautiful face

Caml Beautiful Navya NairHer looks No one can excell Navya NairNavya Nair Gem Of Nair CastNavya Nair Beautiful Music Like Herself


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