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Nair Products Over view
Nair Products History
Nair Products List of products
Nair Products Photos
Nair Products Distributor (s)
Nair Products Reviews 
Nair Products Final Touches,  useful Links & Conclusion.

Nair Products are really famous and considered by many as best in the market under their class. But here is a complete study on/ about nair products. You can go through the whole information now. 

Nair products have nothing to do with nair caste as they are not belong to nair people. But since the name NAIR  is  associate with them  we can go through them. 

1.Nair Products Over view

 The variety of Nair products made them famous and now days it is said that more than 3 Million people around the world are using this products regularly. This is a clear indication of how nair products could conquer the hearts of millions. The studies say that the comparative surveys endorse a fact that no other products can conquer the minds than nair products could or they did. The small price tag and excellent results made this product world beater. In 2004 Nair products won Kiss Of Approval award for best hair removal cream in the world. The effectiveness with less side effects made these products lovable and trusted brand. It is said that now 33 countries have Nair products in their shelves. I think I can create a useful note of these great products.  

2.Nair Products History

Nair products are owned by Church & Dwight Co., Inc., founded in 1846, is the world’s leading producer of sodium bicarbonate, popularly known as baking soda, a natural product which cleans, deodorizes, leavens and buffers. The Company’s ARM & HAMMER brand is one of the nation’s most trusted trademarks for a broad range of consumer and specialty products developed from the base of bicarbonate and related technologies. 

Church & Dwight Consumer have variety of Products now encompass four categories: Deodorizing and Household Cleaning, Laundry, Personal Care and International. Over half of the domestic products are sold under the ARM & HAMMER brand name and derivative trademarks, including ARM & HAMMER DENTAL CARE Toothpaste, ARM & HAMMER Liquid Laundry Detergent and ARM & HAMMER SUPER SCOOP Clumping Cat Litter.  

Church & Dwight’s Specialty Products segment, a leader in specialty inorganic chemicals and animal nutrition, is organized into three categories: Specialty Chemicals, Animal Nutrition and Specialty Cleaners. 
As the ARM & HAMMER® Brand has been a fixture in American and all around the world homes for over 150 years, many of you are interested in learning more about us.

3.Nair Products List of products 

The Main list of products is as following

Nair Cream Baby Oil 2OZ
Nair For Men Body Cream Roll-on 6 Oz
Nair For Men Hair Removal Body Cream 8 OZ
Nair Hair Removal Lotion with Baby Oil 6OZ
Nair Lotion Aloe Vera 6 OZ
Nair Lotion Cocoa Butter 6 OZ
Nair Lotion Cucumber Melon 6 Oz
Nair No Touch Glide On Cream 2.4 Oz
Nair No Touch Upper Lip Cream .69 Oz
Nair Roll-on Wax Long Lasting 5.1 Oz
Nair Roll-on Wax Microwave, Peach Melon 6.3 Oz
Nair Smooth Effects Bladeless Shaving Kit 5.3 Oz
Nair Smoothie Bikini Crème Vanilla 2OZNair Wax Microwave Tub, Peach Melon 7.7oz
Nair Wax Microwaveable 3.5 Oz
Nair Wax Strips Body 32
Nair Wax Strips Face/bikini 34
Nair Wide Roll-On Hair Removal with Baby Oil 4OZ

4.Nair Products Photos-
Some of the main products are photo graphed. Look at them bellow. 

The great nair product for hair removalNair products  one photoNair products photo

Useful and easy to use nair productNair product detailed photoThe photo of common nair product

5. Nair Products Distributor (s)

There are many distributors for Nair products, so it is virtually impossible to  field all the names of  distributor net work. Yet we can get you most important name in Nair Distribution Network. That is WILSON CONSUMER PRODUCTS. This company has largest sales net work and most successful sales record on Nair products. More information on this company is as follows.

Wilson Consumer Products is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wilson Foods Limited, a privately owned company that has been established in New Zealand since 1936.

Company Physical Address: Level 9, Hobson Towers West 26-28 Hobson Street City Auckland

Company Postal Address: PO Box 105-125 Auckland Central Auckland 1030

Tel (09) 379-5350   Fax  (09) 379-5356- 
Web Site: http://www.wilson.co.nz/ 

Online distributors Of  Nair Products are listed and links to reach them are given in the Section 7-Nair Products ...Useful Links Section. Please see that.

6.Nair Products Reviews 

 Reviews are always useful but some times they pull legs too. It is not useful o give Tics to give rights, but I believe independence reviews by some one who used the product and wants to tell others on it. This is a  review on Nair Hair Removal Product.

DooYoo Web Site Review On Nair  Products. This is only Their view: 

Nair Products are somewhat effective yet potentially dangerous - I've learnt the hard way that leaving it on for around 15 minutes (the maximum recommended time) will leave me with red, sore rashes that eventually turn scabby (and I wouldn't describe myself as having particularly sensitive skin). I'd recommend leaving the cream on for between 9 and 11 minutes, just to be safe. Leaving it on any longer than that doesn't seem to remove the hair any more effectively, so it's really not worth the risk of irritation.

On my bikini line, Nair Products work reasonably well. It may leave a slight red, bumpy rash, though this tends to subside after a few hours. The only real problem is that results are definitely NOT long-lasting. Hair on my body seems to rear its ugly head again within a day or two. For this reason Nair Product  is great for a special day or event, but if you're looking for long-term results then I'd suggest waxing. Remember - Nair Product only removes hair at the surface, whereas waxing will pull the entire shaft of the hair out.

Nair Product was, frankly, hopeless on my legs. A good, generous coating failed to remove much of the hair; up to half of it was still firmly planted in my skin. Perhaps several coatings would remove the hair entirely, but I must say I would hesistate before applying that amount of such a caustic chemical to my body (remember: if you do two coats of 15 minutes each, without cleaning the surface properly in between, that's just like leaving one coat on for 30 minutes! Think about it - very nasty chemical burns indeed!). And given that Nair doesn't yield long-lasting results, you are, quite honestly, better off opting for a quick shave with a razor. Lathering oneself up in such potent chemicals seems a little unnatural and dangerous.

I've read through other member's reviews of various Nair products and am quite surprised that so many find the smell so offensive. True, it isn't the most pleasant of odou rs, but I've found that quick showering immediately after use gets rid of the smell completely. It also ensures that you've removed all traces of the cream from your skin, reducing the chance of irritation.

As with all odors, try opening the window, lighting an oil burner or simply striking a few matches if the cream leaves an un plesant smell in the room. It isn't a huge problem.

I must say the most disappointing thing I've found with Nair is that hair grows back coarser and darker. I had previously thought that all depilatory creams actually cause hair to grow back finer, but noticed that my hairs were coming back quite thick. I think I'll stick to tweezing my bikini line, because at least then the little, tiny blonde hairs will STAY that way - Nair covers those tiny hairs and seems to make them grow back into visible, blacker hairs.

So, basically, Nair is effective in removing hair on a short-term basis, so long as you take care not to burn yourself, and you're prepared for multiple coatings on extra-tough leg hair. 

Another useful review on Nair Product  is available at the following URL Please log to that  http://www.ciao.co.uk/Nair_Easy This also indicates the pros and cons of Nair products. The usefulness and effectiveness of these products minus the cons and adversary facts of  Nair products is clearly shown here. This is the review we can consider but with a pinch of salt.

7.Nair Products Final Touches,  useful Links & Conclusion. 

 Just look at the whole products list and the proposed action they are amazing. Now it is clear here that how the Nair products became so passionate and excellent as well as famous. 

The Final Touches

 Just one thing on these products. the availability is superb and you can ever get through online. The tested and proven formula makes the products above most of the contemporary products of its class. The qualities like excellent  results at most reasonable prices is really amazing and these products surely keeping faith to the long and rich tradition of Nair Products. 


To purchase Nair products through online , You can just Log to http://www.blushingbuyer.co.uk  The products will be available at reasonable prices. 

 Or you can get the same products on  almost similar price at http://www.drugstore.com/qxb1584_333181_sespider/nair/nair.htm . This is also a useful store. to contact.

Conclusion: The final words on this product is here. The choice is yours ,and you can select. But if you  always like to get finest possible service at lowest cost  select these products." Nair Products "is a name always hover in almost 3 million homes in Northern America and Europe as well as in India. 


   More sections and information  will be added to this page and web site.



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