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Anitha Nair- Beautiful queen of nair writers. A study of her works. Idel information pack.  

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Anitha nair her gorgeous  looksThis page contain 

1. Anitha Nair who is she a short line on her.

2. Her Books And works-Words told on her.

Anitha Nair who is she a short line on her Anitha nair is an emerging novelist and she is the proud of Nair society around the world. She writes with great energy and creates amazing works at ease. Her style is modern and her views are universal in appeal. She is positive thinking woman of typical 21 st century product. Her personality is revealed through her works. What she wants to tell the world is being told through her works. 

 She has real passion to write and put them in action. When her passion mixed with action the whole matter will come as a burst of "song". Her abilities to create unstoppable passion towards her mature thoughts will be passed to the readers as well. 

It is doubtless to say she is emerging as one of the foremost writers in English. Her versatile looks and expression as well as effortless language create  explicit  perfection in her works. I believe she is going to get many laurels in literature as well as more accolades than most of the  contemporary writers. 

Her beautiful fingers and beautiful heart always work to fetch better heights, mean time they will never forget to keep on par with common men's point of views. She is truly a great novelist who is on her way to conquer the literary world. 

"The Better Man" is a great work of her.

 Her Books And works-Words told on her.

Anitha Nair list of works

1997 Satyr of the Subway & Eleven Other Stories
1997 Malabar Mind
2000 The Better Man 
2001 Ladies Coupé
2003 Where the Rain is Born (Edited by Anita Nair)
2004 Puffin Book of World Myths and Legends
2005 Mistress 

Her Rhythm Of Writing 

She is a writer who can't be judged of her words. she is much truer and deeper than her words. She can't be judged  just on her style as she is  excellent in adapting changes. She is a calm  but an ocean roars in her works. 

Just see  what others told on her works, they are as beautiful as she is. 

Anitha nair- In the eye of Amazon

At the heart of Anita Nair's first novel, The Better Man, there's a haunted house--with ghosts lurching around dark hallways and pushing the living down staircases. The cursed construction is in Kaikurussi in central India, and our protagonist, Mukundan, grew up there with his tyrant father and meek, apologetic mother. As the story opens, this frustrated middle-aged writer finds himself returning home, once again taking up residence in his dull, oppressive childhood village. He doesn't want to be there. He drinks rum and fears the dark.

Enter One-Screw-Loose Bhasi, a painter of houses and self-proclaimed healer who sees in Mukundan an opportunity for redemption and friendship. In much of the book Bhasi directly addresses his newfound companion:

Tell me, Mukundan. Tell me what it is that haunts you so. Tell me of the darkness that clouds your life. Tell me why you fold your handkerchief in eight precise squares. Tell me why it is that every strand of coconut fibre has to be heaped in one place when I finish with it. Tell me how it is that you have chained yourself to the clock.
Anita Nair has a great gift for suspense; from the beginning of The Better Man, she hints at profound losses in her characters' pasts, losses that are gradually revealed as the novel progresses. Class antagonisms crop up throughout, threatening to destabilize the village's quiet existence. A warning for language-minded readers: the book's metaphors can be clumsy and strained to bursting ("the sun took a deep breath and began its morning chores"). But fans of fiction from India, who crave passage into that exotic world, will find it highly rewarding. --Ellen Williams

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Her Home Page http://www.anitanair.net

My Personal Notes On Anitha Nair: I wish best of  luck to this emerging beautiful novelist & hope she will win more hearts than ever before. I wish her a long career and success through out in her life.



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