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kalari payattu from nair fighters
Unforgettable Kalarai Payattu from Nair Fighters


PK Vasudevan nair a great face
PK Vasudevan Nair-Former chief minister 


Anitha nair her gorgious looks


Great Novelist Anitha Nair



Beautiful Face of Meera Nair


Film  director Meera nair 


Navya Nair


Navya Nair At her Best



Sindhu menon the film star







Sindhu Menon 
The Queen in making




K Madhavan nair of ISRO


ISRO Chairman 
Madhavan Nair


Dr Nair


Dr Nair Famous
 for his studies


Doctor M krishnan Nair Of RCC

Dr M Krishnan



Parvathy Nair New Sensation

Parvathy Nair- 
New Sensation

Karuthedath Tharavadu


Karuthedath Tharavadu


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A Nair Married Couple


One of the most nair faces
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Painting -nair woman


How beautiful nair woman !

How beautiful nair

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This web page/site is not to spread caste or any thing malice to public lives. My aim is to place all NAIR related thing and personalities under one roof- Nair In Nutshell. 


Some one like Meera Nair may not be a nair or even a Keralate ( She is a Punjabi) but her name is ending with "nair". So she is mentioned. Similarly NAIR PRODUCTS- They are not related to nair but since having name NAIR in them they are taken.


In western Europe another group of people with third name as Nair, but they are omitted as the scope of this site will not allow me to add that information.


Please consider these facts before you read further deep in to this web site. This web site is a personal one and that is exclusively   for those who are interested in this subject and not for every one in the public


Governments are pleading themselves to get more help to lower caste people in this country. Until they stop this practice the cast system will be in the society. You can't blame a person who believe in cast system while your government it self is practicing that system. If you want to abolish this first of all remove quota reservation and start to treat all people in the society as equal. No more reservation in social and other sectors will eventually lead to the end of the cast system- I don't know why some people are blaming me for creating this web page- as if I am creating casts in Kerala. Highly deplorable! 



We have a  feed back cum guest book form at the bottom of this long page ,and I would be thank full to you if you find time to sign in that page.


Let us figure out  what all wee need to know about nairs and we shall get you all about nair society and all about nair cast.


Let me say them as follows.


Objective of this page : To show the following for people who like to know all about nair cast.


1. What is the word nair means and derivatives of that word.


2. nair and nairs a history of this worriers cast who fought number of wars with others.


3.Prominent personalities in the nair cast


4.Nair products and Nair services- Business class from nair cast


5.The NSS And other service societies with nair cast


6.Great leaders of olden and now days in nair cast.


7.Great nair taravadus/families. 


8.Saga of kerala and Onam specially, nairs in festivals.


9.Nair custom and tradition.


10.Nair- Friendship Dating And Marriage:


11.Many things more on Nair cast. 



All are given below in order.


1. What is the word nair means and derivatives of that word.


 The name NAIR Means Worrier or leader mostly in battle field. The actual  dharma (work) of nair clan was fighting in wars. They were fighters. Even now days far from those days, this clan has such a blood that they are in love to fight. 



Another version is the nairs are born from nayikar clan of Maharashtra Karnataka belt in south India. The naykar group gradually became nairs. A  part of that clan settled in Punjab and Hariyana and they became 'nayyar' a derivative of nair clan.


Any way as the name so they are, nair clan are mostly leaders who still keep enthusiasm to fight and they will never yield to pressure. The geographical irrespective ness the nair clan keeps such qualities. 



2. nair and nairs a history of this worriers cast who fought number of wars with others.


 History of  nairs start from earliest ages just after christ birth. They were a nomadic group of people, and later they started to settle. The origin of this group is unknown but about 2000 years ago they landed kerala, 


 When war of century between cholas and cheras started nairs dazzled with soad fight. They started kalaries the place for studying soad fighting called kalaripayattu (look left side a photo is added). The war placed nairs to second level only second to brahmins. Nairs become more aggressive and  they became more integral part of society. 

 The whole history of this caste is so big that can't fit here, but more matter will be added shortly.



3.Prominent personalities in the nair cast


There are many nair greats who made great deeds and I am interested to show a few from them than many. Just some words on some of the best names of nair caste. 


Mannath Padmanabhan Nair


Mannathu Padmanabhan was a great social reformer who hailed from the State of Kerala. He was born on 02 January 1878. Eswaran Namboodiri of Nilavana Illam was his father. His mother, Parvathy Amma came from a poor but respectable Nair family near Changanacherry, in North Travancore.

In 1924 he took part in the Vaikkom and Guruvayoor temple-entry and anti-untouchability agitation. He became a member of the Indian National Congress in 1947 and took part in the Travancore State Congress agitation against Sir C.P Ramaswamy Iyer’s administration in Travancore. In 1949 Padmanabhan became a member of the Travancore Legislative Assembly. In 1959 he led a united opposition against the State Communist Ministry which had become unpopular. This ultimately resulted in inviting President’s rule to Kerala. During all these years the Nair Service Society had his constant attention and selfless service. It had now grown into a powerful organisation with a vast membership, substantial finances and various welfare activities. Besides looking after this work, Padmanabhan wrote many articles, an autobiography, and a travel book, Our Trip to the Federated Malay States, some criticisms and a novel, Snehalata. His style was virile, forthright and very effective. He also set up colleges, schools, hospitals and industrial units. In appreciation of his valuable services the President of India awarded him the title ‘Bharata Kesari’.He passed away in February 1970

 K Kelappan Nair


K. Kelappan was born in a small village of Calicut District in Kerala on August 24, 1889. In the Days of his college life at Calicut and Madras he acquired an abiding interest in social service and higher values of life. He began his career as a teacher at Changanachery and was the founder President of Nair Service Society. Thereafter, he joined studies in Law at Bombay.When Mahatma Gandhi gave his call for boycott of the British, Kelappan gave up his studies and decided to dedicate his life in the service of his Motherland. He lead an eventful life fighting the evils present in Indian society on the one hand and fighting the British on the other. He blossomed forth as an ideal Satyagrahi. He was an energetic revolutionary, social reformer and crusader for justice to the downtrodden.
After the independence of the country he gave up party politics and joined Sarvodaya Movement. He was the President of almost all major Gandhian organisations like Kerala Sarvodaya Sangh, Kerala Gandhi Samarak Nidhi, Kerala Sarvodaya Mandal and Gandhi Peace Foundation, Calicut. A part from above he was an educationist as well as an accomplished and forceful journalist. He helped in starting 'Mathrubhoomi' and was its editor for a number of years. He worked for unification of Kerala into a new linguistic state. He never aspired for power or position.His whole life was a saga of selfless service to the nation. Since the people of Kerala came to understand Gandhiji and his programmes essentially through Kelappan, he was popularly known as Kerala Gandhi. His life of service ended on October 7, 1971.

 A K Gopalan


 Comrade Ayilliath Kuttiari Gopalan was an outstanding leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the Left and democratic movement in the country. He died on March 21, 1977 at the age of 73.Joining the Communist Party in 1939, he became a member of the Central Committee of the united Communist Party in 1951, a member of the Party’s central secretariat in 1958 and was a member of the Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) since 1964 till his death. Comrade AKG made significant contributions to building of people’s movement under the leadership of the CPI(M) and mass organizations of toiling people specially of peasantry and agricultural workers. For over two decades till his death he was President of the All India Kisan Sabha. From 1952, except for 1957-62, Comrade AKG was the leader of the Opposition in Parliament, respected and listened to with attention by all.

He was  great leader and untimely death of him was  sad lash back for the CPI m party too. He is the man who found the CITU and is considered by many as best orbiter as well s organizer.


 V K Krishna Menon


V. K. Krishna Menon born May 3, 1897, Calicut, India and died October 6, 1974, New Delhi
He was really a great Indian nationalist and champion of India's anti-colonialism and neutralism. 
After studying at the London School of Economics, Menon was called to the bar at the Middle Temple. He became an ardent Socialist and served as a Labour member of the St. Pancras Borough Council from 1934 to 1947. His primary political interest in England centred in the struggle for freedom in India, however, and he strove tirelessly in this cause as secretary of the India League from 1929. His long and close relationship with Jawaharlal Nehru, nationalist and first prime minister of independent India, began during that period. 

With the coming of Indian independence in 1947, Krishna Menon was appointed high commissioner (ambassador) of India in London. He returned to India in 1952 after 27 years of residence in England, becoming a member of the Indian Parliament in 1953, minister without portfolio in 1956, and minister for defense in 1957. From 1952 to 1960 he represented India in the General Assembly of the United Nations, where his vigorous presentation of anti-colonial and neutralist policies of his government won him many admirers.  As minister of defense, he brought new vigour to his office and introduced many far-reaching changes, but his policies and methods received heavy criticism, and the military reverses suffered by India at the hands of the Chinese in the Himalayas in 1962 were attributed by some to his policies. Overwhelming opposition forced him to relinquish the Ministry of Defense in October 1962. Thereafter he devoted himself to left-wing political activity as an independent.



 Ellath Kunjirama Panicker


  Panicker was a great reformist and social lion who lead many great movements in life, Disciple of kelappan and Gandhiji he was considered by many as  one of the greatest  selfless  social reformist and worker. During Civil Disobedience he fought marvelously to defend the freedom movement. 


DR M Krishnan Nair M. Krishnan Nair (doctor) is a leading oncologist working in India. He is the founding director of the Regional Cancer Center (RCC) at Trivandrum, a director of the S.U.T. Institute of Oncology in Thiruvananthapuram(Trivandrum) and a professor at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences & Research in Kochi. He received the Padma Shri award from the President of India.

his MBBS degree from University of Kerala, India in 1963, then went on to earn a MD (Radiotherapy and Clinical Oncology) from the University of Punjab in 1968. In 1972, he earned a FRCR (Clinical Oncology) from the Royal College of Radiologists in London.- 

As founding director of RCC, he was responsible for establishing one of the largest comprehensive cancer centers in India and for initiating programmes in Community Oncology, Pain and Palliative Care, and Paediatric Oncology for the first time in India. He was a member of the expert group that drew up the National Cancer Control Plan of India. He served the World Health Organization (WHO) for more than a decade in their Expert Advisory Panel on Cancer. Currently, he is the only member from India on the Advisory Committee of the Director General, WHO and Cancer Technical Group (CTG) of WHO.




 Capt C P Krishnan Nair

Captain C.P. Krishnan Nair was born at Cannanore, Kerela, on the 9th of Feb. 1923. He did his schooling at the Local Raja’s High School and later on joined the Muslim College in Chennai. With the spirit of a rebel and a freedom fighter, he joined Free India’s army. Later, he resigned his commission to champion the cause of handloom weavers. From pioneering handlooms, the far reaching impact of the visionary Capt. Krishnan Nair has always been evident. When his sights focused on hospitality he transformed industry standards forever. Today he is a significant player in the Tourism and Handloom Industry.His three creations in corporate Hotels and Resorts, The Leela Mumbai, The Leela, Goa , and The Leela Palace Bangalore stand testimony to his unswerving spirit.


Dr. M.S.Valiathan

Marthanda Varma Sankaran Valiathan (more commonly known as M. V. S. Valiathan or M. S. Valiathan), is an Indian cardiac surgeon and a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. Dr. Valiathan received his initial medical education in India, and specialized training in cardiac surgery in UK and USA. His medical interests have spanned the fields of pediatric cardiac surgery, tropical heart muscle disease and development of cardiovascular devices.He is former Director of the Sri Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram and former Vice Chancellor of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). He was invited to deliver the Hunterian Lecture at the Royal College of Surgeons of England in London.

Dr. Valiathan has authored a book, Legacy of Caraka, which is a retelling of the samhita (Sanskrit: collection) composed by Caraka, the founder of Ayurveda 

Dr. Valiathan is a Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering  and a recipient of Indian National Science Academy's Shree Dhanwantari Prize in 1991  He was awarded the Padma Vibhushan, India's second highest civilian honour, in 2005.

Even is he is No more his will to succeed is some thing we can all  develop. He was one of the brightest stars in medical world. Even though his father was a Varma. He was born as nair as his mother was from a great NAIR  tharavadu .

We write epitaph for MSV as following- "Here lies a man who loved his follow men the most and they gave that love back" 


 Meera Nair


Accomplished Film Director/Writer/Producer Mira Nair was born in India and educated at Delhi University and at Harvard.

She is not a keralate,nor a Nair either. But was included as her name is ending with Nair ( Please do not feel bad-Our aim is not to push Nair caste but Nair name) 


 Her debut feature film, Salaam Bombay! was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1988; it won the Camera D'Or (for best first feature) and the Prix du Publique (for most popular entry) at the Cannes Film Festival and 25 other international awards.


 Her next film, Mississippi Masala, an interracial love story set in the American South and Uganda, starring Denzel Washington and Sarita Choudhury, won three awards at the Venice Film Festival including Best Screenplay and The Audience Choice Award. 


Subsequent films include The Perez Family (with Marisa Tomei, Anjelica Huston, Alfred Molina and Chazz Palminteri), about an exiled Cuban family in Miami.


 The sensuous Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love, which she directed and co-wrote. Meera Nair directed Own Country based on Dr. Abraham Verghese's best-selling memoir about a young immigrant doctor dealing with the AIDS epidemic. 


 We have created a special page for showing the excellence of  Meera Nair And you can log to Meera Nair Pages for far more  information.


 Anitha nair


 Anitha nair is an emerging novelist and she is the proud of Nair society around the world. She writes with great energy and creates amazing works at ease. Her style is modern and her views are universal in appeal. She is positive thinking woman of typical 21 st century product. Her personality is revealed through her works. What she want to tell the world is being told through her works. 

List of her works

1997 Satyr of the Subway & Eleven Other Stories
1997 Malabar Mind
2000 The Better Man 
2001 Ladies Coupé
2003 Where the Rain is Born (Edited by Anita Nair)
2004 Puffin Book of World Myths and Legends
2005 Mistress 


  She is really beautiful as well as best in her works. Her bounty is really large as well as soul is sincere. Here we ahve created an exclusive page in her honor. You can log to Anitha nair Pages for further details 


Navya nair


 Fine film actress /actor (USA English), Navya nair is amazingly beautiful and talented as well as famous for her dazzling looks and explicit dance. She is really amazing with her acting. There is no need to quote words about her. The acting in film called "kunji kunan " it self showed her brightness as an actor. We would like to add  her photos and her notes in separate page. You can log to Navya Nair Pages. 


Dr Nair


Dr. C.P. Parameswaran Nair of Malamalkkavu is indeed gifted with divine power of healing and curing burns. The secret of the herbs used in the medicines is known only to Cheeramathil Puthanveetil Parameswaran Nair, an Arya Vaidyan with a diploma in the Ayurvedic systems of medicine. Even the scars disappear with this treatment Dr. Nair was an artist and a schoolteacher. Dr. Nair studied under Dr. K.S. Warrior who was former chief physician to the president of India. " While studying with Dr. K.S. Warrior a Gurukula system.


K Karunakaran 


K. Karunakaran (born July 5, 1918) is a veteran Congress party leader, freedom fighter, trade unionist, and former Chief Minister of Kerala, India.Born Kannoth Karunakaran Maaraar to Kannoth Ramunni Maarar and Kannoth Kalyani Amma in Kannur, he matriculated from Raja's High School and did his diploma in Design, Geometry and Painting from College of Arts Thrissur.Like many during his time, he entered into politics during India's freedom struggle. He started off as an activist in the Kochi Rajya Praja Mandalam and later entered electoral politics as member of the Thrissur Municipal Council from 1945 - 1947. He was a founding member of the INTUC. He was elected 7 times to the Kerala Legislative Assembly between 1965 and 1995 and served as Chief Minister four times. He was a member of the Congress Working Committee from 1969. In 1995, he was elected to the Rajya Sabha and served as the minister of industries in the Cabinet for a year. He was married to Kalyanikutty Amma (Late) and has a son and a daughter .K.Karunakaran has seen many an up and down in his life. He was the Home Minister (in charge of the State Police) during the Indira Gandhi imposed national emergency in 1975-76. K.Karunakaran had to resign after a scandal which alleged detention and torture of an engineering student (Rajan Varier) suspected to be a naxalite activist. Due to the difference opinions with the congress leaadership, karaunakaran along with his followers left the congress party in 2005 January and formed a new party called Democratic Indiara Congress(Karunakaran). His daughter Padmaja Venugopal is also active in politics


 E K Nayanar

Erambala Krishnan Nayanar (December 9, 1919 - May 19, 2004) was an Indian politician leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) in Kerala and the Chief Minister. He held the post three times 1980-81, 1987-91 and 1996-2001. He holds the distinction of serving in the post for the longest period of time - 11 years. He was a member of the Polit Bureau of CPI(M).

Nayanar was born in Kalyassery in Kannur district of Kerala. He joined the Communist Party of India in 1939. He participated in the Kayyoor-Morazha peasant uprisings and was forced to go underground to evade arrest. When the Communist Part of India split in 1964, Nayanar joined sides with the CPI(M).

In 1967 he was elected to Lok Sabha from Palghat (now Palakkad). He was elected to Kerala Assembly six times. Among the legislative constituencies he won from were Irikkur, Malampuzha, Trikaripur and Thalassery.

He became the Chief Minister of Kerala for the first time on January 25, 1980. His term ended in 1981. He served a four-year term starting from 1987 and a full five-year term in 1996.

Nayanar was also an editor of Desabhimani Daily.

Nayanar died on May 19 2004 in New Delhi following a heart attack.



 S J Nair


 Syam nair or sj nair is a search engine expert and multi platform programmer who is considered as excellent by many. Born in 1969, he worked around the world for many companies and started own in Bangalore. Undoubtedly he is considered as best in feed technology. He is striding the steps to up to meet new challenges and hopefully he may emerge as winner. To log to Nair Service Pages Or To  S J Nair Pages LoG Log to  Syam Nair Pages.



 Kala mandalam Krishnan Nair

Krishnan Nair is the first offspring of Kalamandalam.  Hailing from North Malabar he learnt the rudimentary lessons of Kathakali under Guru Chandu Panickar at the Varanakkottu Mana near Kannur.  Vallathol brought him to Kalamandalam in 1930 where he recieved rigorous training in Kathakali under the titan Pattikkaamthoti Ravunni Menon.   As he grew up Krishnan Nair was carried away  by the grace and emotive acting of Thakazhi Guru  Kunjukkurup who was in Kalamandalam as a favourite performer.  Krishnan Nair left Kalamandalam in the early forties and moved to south Kerala.  He was soon to become the most popular free-lance artiste in Kathakali.  He combined stylized and realistic acting in presenting almost any one of the Kathakali characters.  Endowed with an expressive face, elegant appearance and a romantic-cum-humorous  approach to characters Krishnan Nair easily became a mega-star in Kathakali.  He was more at ease with highly emotional characters like King Nala, Rukmaangada and the major brahmin characters than with technically disciplined characters such as Dhramaputra, Raavana and Narakaasura.  Krishnan Nair, who won many titles and honours like Padmashree and Central Sangeet Natak Academy Award, passed away at the age of 78.  The latter part of the history of Kathakali in the twentieth century has a lot to comment on the sterling performances of Krishnan Nair and his immense popularity.




 M T Vasudevan Nair 


 one of the most respected Indian writers today, was born on 15th july 1933 in Kudallur, a small village in Palakkad district, Kerala. He rose to eminence through his well-crafted novels and short stories in Malayalam whose romantic poignancy and tender portrayal of the human condition endeared the author to his readers. He captured in subtle detail the pain and anguish that marked the ebb of feudalism in Kerala in many of his novels. A master storyteller, M.T made his way up to be honored with the highest literary award the nation confers on a writer, the Jnanpith in 1995. Prior to that, he had received many awards and accolades like both state and center Sahitya Akademi Awards. He occupied and continues to occupy many important and powerful positions in various literary bodies including the presidentship of Kerala Sahitya Akademi and the chairmanship of Tunchan Memorial Trust. The Library of Congress has in its collection sixty-two books, mostly by M.T and some on him. Also, some of them are translations of his works into English.
He acted as the Chief Editor of the weekly Mathrubhumi and as the editor of the Mathrubhumi periodicals. Won the Jnanapeedam award in 1996. On the 2nd of June 1996 he was bestowed with honourary D.Lit degree by the Calicut University. 'Randamoozham' bagged the Vayalar award in 1985. 'Swargam Thurakkunna Samayam' bagged the Kerala Sahithya Academy award in 1986. 'Kalam' gained the Kendra Sahithya Academy in 1970 and 'Nalukettu' the Kerala Sahithya Academy award. M.T. also gained the Padmarajan prize for short story.
The films 'Nirmalyam', 'Bandhanam', 'Varikkuzhi', 'Manju' and 'Kadavu' were written and directed by him. Of these 'Nirmalyam' had gained the national award for best film. The other four movies bagged the state awards. Bagged the award for best screenplay writer several times.

K. Madhavan Nair

    K. Madhavan Nair was the most prominent of such early freedom fighters of Kerala. Born in an ordinary family of Manjeri in South Malabar in 1882 he took his degree from Madras University and taught for some time in M.G.M. High School, Thiruvalla in the erstwhile Travancore State.

    In 1909, Madhavan Nair took his law degree from Trivandrum Law College and started practice in Manjeri. He shifted his residence and practice to Calicut in 1915. Closely associated with the Home Rule league, Madhavan Nair became an active Congress worker. He was one of the four persons in Malabar to court imprisonment during Non-Cooperation Movement and organised relief work in Calicut for the refugees after the Moplah rebellion in 1921.

    After Nagpur Congress session, when Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee was formed, he was elected as its first secretary and later its first president in 1925. He participated in all agitations including the Civil Disobedience Movement, boycott of foreign cloth, prohibition and Simon Commission Boycott.

    He took active interest in Vaikom and Guruvayur Satyagraha and served as Director of Guruvayur Temple Entry Referendum besides serving for a term as a member of Madras Assembly. Along with his close associates, Madhavan Nair founded the 'Mathrubhumi' newspaper and was its first managing director. Gandhiji had often praised his earnestness, frankness, simplicity, public spirit and integrity. Madhavan Nair expired on September 28, 1933.

.Pattom Rmamachandran Nair 

Undoubtedly one of the most famous Nair Historians  in kerala . Just a social worker with tireless energy and Lion on nair caste. He drives the new fragrance to the nair social order. He is well known for his great Book on Nair caste "Nair Samudayathinde Ithihasam" . Here you can know how he finds this wonderful caste as leaders of the social order. The saga of nairs come to the acme perfection here. Log to Pattom Ramachandran Nair's  Page.

K.P. Kesava Menon

    Grandson of Raja of Palghat, K.P. Kesava Menon was born in Tharoor village of Palghat in 1886. He took B.A. degree from Madras University and Bar-at-law from Middle Temple. After setting up practice in Calicut, he joined the Indian National Congress in 1915 and served as the Secretary of the Malabar branch of the Home Rule League. He was a member of the Home Rule League Deputation under the leadership of Annie Besant which proceeded to London to present a memorandum to the Secretary of State in 1917.

    He gave up practice to join the Non-Cooperation Movement in 1921. He became the Secretary of K.P.C.C. and did active relief work during Moplah rebellion. In 1923, he became the Founder-Editor of the 'Mathrubhumi'. He led the famous Vaikom Satyagraha in 1924 and was imprisoned for six months in Trivandrum Central Jail. Due to financial difficulties as a result of full-time political activities, he went to Malaya in 1927 to set up practice there. While in Malaya, he worked for the amelioration of the conditions of estate labourers of Indian origin.

    When Ras Behari Bose organised the Indian Independence League in 1942, Kesava Menon became a member of its action committee. After Subhas Chandra Bose assumed the leadership of the Indian Independence League and INA and formed 'Azad Hind Government', Kesava Menon parted ways from INA due to difference of opinion with Subhas. Kesava Menon resisted the Japanese attempt to exploit the Indian freedom fighters in Malaya for their own benefit. Hewas arrested by the Japanese at Singapore, confined to solitary imprisonment and released after the Second World War . In October 1946, he returned to India and resumed the editorship of the 'Mathrubhumi'. Soon afterwards, he was appointed Indian High Commissioner in Ceylon,but he resigned the post due to difference of opinion

    He worked for the formation of unified Kerala State in his capacity as president of the Aykya Kerala Committee. Author of several books in Malayalam, Kesava Menon returned the Sahitya Academy Award. He was the first Executive president of Kerala Sahitya Academy and was honoured by the President of India with the 'Padma Vibhushan'. He was considered and respected by all as the 'Grand Old Man ' of Kerala. Till his death on November 9, 1978 Kesava Menon served as the Chief Editor of the 'Mathrubhumi'.

Sindhu Menon

 Sindhu Menon is a name well known among all four South Indian filmdom. She is a well known face in Kannada and Thelugu films. Amazingly gifted with beauty and artistic excellence she stole her way to inner core many million art lovers. She is girl at next door and her simplicity as well as her smart looks made her a super star in making. Her photo is given on the left side of this page. Sindhu is proud to all Malayalies. To know more on her log to Sindhu Menon Page. Or  Log Here 

 Vimal Kumar

  Sarasappan Nair Vimal Kumar is a known writer of drama and is famous for his excellent performance as an actor and  director. He is a man with energy to burn and considered as man behind number of  social  drives. Log here to his page 

Govinda Krishna Chettur

Govinda Krishna Chettur M.A. hons ( Oxon ) (1898 - 1936) :
He was the eldest of four brothers and nephew of Sir Chettur Sankaran Nair ( the others are K.K. Chettur I.C.S ( ambassador and father of Jaya Jaitley ),S.K.Chettur I.C.S Chief Secretary of Madras State, R.K Chettur ). G.K.Chettur was Principal of Government College, Mangalore and above all a poet and author. His works among others are as follows:-
1) Sounds and Images (Verse) - London:Erskine Macdonald 1921
2) The Triumph of Love (Verse) - Mangalore: Basel Mission Bookshop 1932
3) Gumataraya (Verse) - Mangalore: Basel Mission Bookshop 1932
4) The Temple Tank and other poems (Verse) - Mangalore: Basel Mission Bookshop 1932
5)The Ghost City (Fiction) - Basel Mission Bookshop
6) The Last Enchantment ( Recollections of Oxford )
7) The Shadow of God - London: Longmans 1934
8) College Composition - Longmans 1933.
Sadly he died at a young age but considered as one of the 
most eminent personalities. Even at this small age he became an immortal and his will to succeed is some thing we can all develop. 

Sri.Manjeri Bhaskaran Pillai

Sri.Manjeri Bhaskaran Pillai is a renowned social reformer, voluble religious speaker, vibrant organizer, and an activist who infused strength and life to the Nair Service Society. He was the President of N.S.S. Malappuram District and member of N.S.S. representative body. He was the President of the National Democratic Party (N.D.P.) consequent on the demise of Kidangoor Gopalakrishna Pillai. He is the founder of Sri Vivekananda Educational Complex at Palamedu in Malappuram District. For photo and more information Click Here and log 

LIST OF MANY MORE - Just look through. 

Administration and Diplomacy
Nair's have great skills and their ability to negotiate is really amazing. Indian best diplomats are fro these community. Details at Nair Personality page 
Armed Forces
Nair community has produced many great fighters who fought all the way their lives for the National Interest. For details Log to Personality pages

Space & technology-Just a name from Nair community shiens like anything. Log and see

Arts and Literature
 Just look a point this Nair cast have more names in this field than any other community can dream of.  whole list at Nair Personality page 

Business and Entrepreneurship-Business Leadership - Executives- We Nairs undoubtedly at the top in business. Just some of the world conquerors from Nair community are here. Log for the list

Film World 
Film world has Number of great nair personalities. Some of them are really great in all respects. For the  whole list Just Log Here  Page

India's Freedom Struggle- Natural bravery in blood drove many great Nair leaders to fight for the freedom. The story of sufferings has its mark on Nair community. The whole list of such personalities  here. Log to  Nair Personalities  Page 

Politics And  Union Cabinet Minister - A big list of our politicians are from Nair community. For the complete list is Click Here

Religion and related field.
Great list of  imminent religious personalities are belong to Nair Community, Log for details to Nair Personality page-

Science, Medicine and Engineering ,law There are many hundreds of world class scientists and researchers are produced in Kerala. for  details Just  Log here

Social Reform- Lot of social reformers are born in nair community. Some of them are here. Log to List of Nair Personalities  page

The Computer and IT And technology. There is great list of top class Nair personalities working in this field and You can get the whole list here. Just log to Other Nair personalities page 


4.Nair products & Nair services


Nair products have nothing to do with nair caste as they are not belong to nair people. But since the name NAIR  is  associate with them  we can go through them. 


 Nair products are really best and famous for the easiness and effectiveness. The list of nair products are as following. 


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Nair No Touch Glide On Cream 2.4 Oz
Nair No Touch Upper Lip Cream .69 Oz
Nair Roll-on Wax Long Lasting 5.1 Oz
Nair Roll-on Wax Microwave, Peach Melon 6.3 Oz
Nair Smooth Effects Bladeless Shaving Kit 5.3 Oz
Nair Smoothie Bikini Crème Vanilla 2OZNair Wax Microwave Tub, Peach Melon 7.7oz
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Nair Wax Strips Body 32
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Nair Wide Roll-On Hair Removal with Baby Oil 4OZ


For More Info You can log to Nair products Page. 


Nair services


  Nair services are best to take with. S J Nair offers various services under one roof. We can deal some of them here. Offers best service at most reasonable prices. 


List of services are as follows.


Web designing and  web Development 
Web  promotion 


Search Engine Optimizing


Development of software products. 


PHP and Other works development 


For More information log to  Nair service  Page.



5.The NSS And other service societies with nair cast


 The Nair Service Society (NSS), is an organization created for the up liftment and welfare of the Nair community. It is headquartered at Perunna in the town of Changanassery in Kottayam District, Kerala State, India. This is founded  by Veteran Nair leader Mannath Padmanaban  


 There are many other organization like this which coveted the ideology of Nair reformation and consolidation of nair caste, But no one has the charisma and fame of  NSS


6.Great leaders of olden days in nair cast.


 There many such leader who created history with 

nair caste and they created their own  foot steps in the sand of time. Let us figure only some of them out here.


a. Thacholi Othenan: Great kalaripayatu expert who lead nair fighters in various wars. legendary warrior from North Kerala at the end of the 16th century. Highly stylised songs and stories of his valour and chivalry abound. He lived some 500 years ago. He was born in the family of ‘Manikothy’ in Thacholi near Badakara. He was a brave warrior, merciless to enemies, but a friend of the helpless. Even the Zamorin of Calicut respected him. He defeated Mathiloor Gurukkal and killed him. But one of the Gurukkal’s disciple cheated and killed Othenan. His real name was Udayanakurup. He died at the young age of 32. He is praised about in Vadakkanpattu.


b. Velu Thambi Dalava- A prominent nair fighter an noted freedom fighter too. Velu Thampi led what is perhaps the most courageous rebellion against the British which started as a direct fall out of the British Resident Macauly's humiliating interference in the affairs of the Thiruvithamkur . Th e revolt started in 1808 . The Kundara Proclamation of 1809 was an open call to arms and thousands flocked to his banner. Initially, he was helped in his cause by the Dewan of Kochi, Paliath Achan, but in the later stages he fought a lonely campaign against the British. He was no match for the military might of the British Army and finally fled the state and reportedly committed suicide in March 1809. Most of Velu Thampi's followers were either hanged or imprisoned after the termination of hostilities. There would not be any insurrection on this scale for the rest of the British presence in Kerala.



7.Great Nair taravadus/families. 


 Many nair tharavadus and families are in kerala and difficult to pick some out of the big bunch. How ever let me show at least some of them.


A. Pootheri and Karuthedath- 80 Years of saga and one of the most famous nair families in north kerala. This is really great and most coveted tharavadus in kerala. For More information Log to http://karuthedath.dreams2000.com/ 


S. Ellath Panickers- Another famous north malabar tharavadu is ellath. This is loccated near calicut and famous for olden days warriors. They kept kalari and kalari payattu. This is really famous for its charity and wealth. 


C. Cherat Kurups- Faroke based nair tharavadu has 200 years old. This is a  kurup tharavadu. Cherat kurup are famous for their unstoppable energy and their part in kerala social movements. 


D. Ambat Family- Palakad based nair tharavadu is well famous for its wealth and vastness. This tharavadu has lot of members and famous for its social movements. 


E. Vengalil Menon Family- This is the family of K Krishna Menon  and  considered as best menon family. This family had also contributed lot to kerala social movements. 



Many more to be added and will be added soon. 



8.Saga of kerala and Onam specially, nairs in festivals. 



 Always nairs will be a indispensable part in onam like festivals as they celebrate them in their own way. Onam page will tell  More


ALL ABOUT KERALA- A short history chronologically arranged- Just know Kerala through years and who all ruled us. Log hear to Kerala History Page 

KERALA TO DAY -Our Population-30 million now and if this goes like this we will soon run out of space and commodities. Just Log here to Kerala page to know more

Area-39000 Sq.Kilometers(KERALA)-Complete analyis on area and comparison with other lands. Just Log here to Kerala page And know details.


All About Onam- Onam is one of the greatest festivals of Kerala. And all most all are united to celebrate irrespective of cast and religion. The Nair cast also has its own traditions to celebrate Onam. For details Log here to Onam Page.


9. Nair custom and tradition.


Nairs have customs that are different from the rest of Kerala. The first of these is the Marumakkathaayam system of inheritance. This system is a matrilineal system of inheritance. It is exceptional in the sense that it was one of the few traditional systems that gave women liberty, and right to property. Under this system, women enjoyed respect, prestige and power. An exception is the community of Mannadiars of Palakkad, because they follow patrilineal system. Some historians believe that the Marumakkathaayam system started after the Chera-Chola wars during the second Chera empire, as Nairs lost most of their men during the war.

In the Marumakkathyam system, the family lived together in a tharavaadu which comprised of a mother, her brothers and younger sisters, and her children. The oldest brother was known as the karanavar and was the head of the household and managed the family estate. Lineage was traced through the mother, and the children "belonged" to the mother's family. All family property was jointly owned. In the event of a partition, the shares of the children were clubbed with that of the mother.

The Marumakkathyam system is not very common in Kerala these days for many reasons. Kerala society has become much more cosmopolitan and modern. Nair men seek jobs away from their hometown and take their wives and children along with them. In this scenario, a joint-family system is not viable. However, there are still a few tharawads that pay homage to this system. In some Nair families, the children carry the last name of their mother instead of the father, and are considered part of the mother's family, and not the father's. Nairs connect to and trace their lineage to a tharavadu - not to a member of the family. Tharavadu names are quite an important element of social reckoning - though decreasing in importance these days.

The martial art known as Kalaripayattu (Photo on left Side) is believed by some to be created by the Nairs, and is also thought to be the oldest form of martial arts in the world. Those who hold this point of view think that all other forms of martial arts are descended from it. They reason that this is because Kerala had intense contacts with Buddhist monks, and Kung Fu, popularized by monks of the Shaoling Temple, traces its ancestry to Bodhidharma - a semi-legendary Chinese Buddhist monk who in some versions of his legend, came from Kerala, but who in the earliest known written version was said to have come from Central Asia.


10.Nair- Friendship Dating And Marriage:


 In order to felicitate the useful co ordination between Nair community Members, we started free facility to meet Nair males to Nair females around the world for friendship or dating or even marriage, as the case. Please make sure that the responsibility of knowing details of people at other end is on you not on us. This is free to all. Just Log To Nair Friendship pages or Nair Dating Pages Or Nair Matrimonial Pages. I recommend this to all of any age and geographical position. We expect you are from  the Nair caste and Nair community. 


If you have any problems to log there Just Log Here



11.Many things more on Nair cast. 


  There are many more to tell on Nair Community and the list will never end  I think I can add more in future. Just note following.


Nairs On To day?:


Today, Nairs can be found in all walks of life. They are still aware of their cultural traditions and history and still form an integral and active part of Kerala society. The Nair Service Society (NSS) champions the interests of the Nair community in Kerala. The NSS has chapters all around the world and helps Nairs stay in touch with their traditions and culture, and with each other.


Ending with two personal Requests:


1. Please email /tell your Nair friends about  this Nair community web site. 2. Never forget to sign up the feed back /guest book.



   More sections and information  will be added to this page and web site.


  Contact: If you have any suggestions or to report broken links or to clear any doubts Please email to the web master to sjnair@gmail.com


To visit Author's home page Log to SJ Nair Home Page 


To Visit Nair Blog. Just Log To Nair Blog Here 


 Wish all - great and pleasant days to come and blessing from almighty.



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